Buni Comic

I found this cute comic strip today:


The main character is a bunny. :)

Christmas is getting closer

I bought festive collars for the bunnies and thought I would try them out. I plan to take nicer pictures closer to Christmas, but here are a couple from my phone. I’m not sure if I can get them to stay still, but I’d like to take one of them together.


I thought I’d share this with you guys:

It’s true, Etta is named after the Fratellis song. 😛

Silly Bunnies

Gus: “Do my feet stink?”

Etta: “Well, I wasn’t going to say anything, but…”

Morning Play Time

Just a video from this morning. The part at the end of the video where Gus lays down on Etta’s face makes me giggle every time. The box Gus was playing in is about 3ft. long and full of brown paper. They both love to burrow in it!

Thanks to Everyone

Etta sends a big THANK YOU to everyone who posted well wishes and advice!!

She’s still not 100%, but doing much better!

Etta’s Home

Etta came home this evening, and she’s doing mostly better. The vet said they don’t know specifically what caused her stasis, and that they don’t know in about 50% of cases. They did get her to start eating some hay on her own, and they sent her home with a package of Critical Care. I’m supposed to hand feed her until she’s eating/pooping normally. I also have to give her a medicine called Trimebutine to keep her gut moving. The good news is, I’ll have plenty of critical care leftover in case this ever happens again.

Etta’s GI Stasis

Etta is in the bunny hospital right now. :( She has a case of GI stasis. They did blood work and nothing is wrong with her kidneys or liver, and her teeth are fine. But her belly is distended, and there is a lot of gas in it. For whatever reason, she just decided not to eat or drink yesterday. She’s dehydrated, so they’re doing sub-q fluids and trying to hand feed her. I think she’ll have to spend the night at the vet tonight. Gus has been pretty mopey without her, so hopefully I can go pick her up in the morning.

Their Disapproval is Strong

Gus & Etta made it on to disapprovingrabbits.com today: http://www.disapprovingrabbits.com/2011/10/gus-and-etta.html

And I’m sure they’re very proud of themselves. 😉

Hay & Rabbits’ Teeth

I just saw this cool post on The Rabbit House about why hay is good for bunny teeth.

Like the sandpaper, the reason grass is good for wearing teeth is how rough the surface is, not how hard it is.

The pictures are really interesting, I never knew hay was that rough.

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